Willie F. Henry, MBA

· Responsible for Vision, daily  operations, business development, quality tools and performance, marketing and community engagement

· Expertise in leadership development, business process improvement, strategic planning, Baldridge quality improvement methods, workforce development, strategic partnerships and marketing

Raymond Bullock, MS

· Responsible for Client services, information technology solutions, software and hardware solutions, desktop, mobile and customer contact/service

· Expertise in leadership development, software and hardware, computer platform, installation and training, quality and operational excellence, program design and implementation

Theresa Henry, BS

· Responsible for Quality Improvement and records management, youth development, community engagement support and health promotion and prevention

· Expertise in community health and child health, leadership development, program design and implementation

Affiliates provide expertise and experience tailored to specific needs

Advisors bring special expertise and experience

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business(SDVOSB)