Clients Past & Present


Delaware Department of Health and Social Services

New Castle County Delaware

United Way of Delaware

Wilmington Economic Development Corporation

Delaware Community Development Corporation 

Our leaders have served in an advisory capacity with organizations that focused on changes in strategic planning, organizational performance improvement, and policy and practice change since our inception in 2010.


Advancing Strategic Innovations (ASI) Story begins with our  belief that communications and messaging is the central support linkage between People, Process and Technology to achieve true change in organizations.  We are primarily a training and management consulting organization with a clear focus on the use of Technology and data to connect people and processes in delivering the change and Business results that you seek.  Our Client engagements have focused on projects that have the potential to impact Societal Problems.  Projects have included Adolescent Health in IM 40 Movement with AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical and United Way of Delaware and Healthcare strategic planning with Delaware Department of Health and Social Services. 


ASI Client coaching and Engagement Model developed based on Baldrige Criteria that has become a widely accepted model for running an effective business.  Cybersecurity and E-Commerce added as additional areas of focus along with Professional Services,  IT Services & Solutions and  Engineering & Architectural Solutions.  Also, Business to Business, Business to Government and Business to Nonprofits are the target sectors for ASI growth in the future. 


Workforce Development & Training, Access to Health, and Diversity & Inclusion are  core areas for expansion with Services to Veterans and their Families as additional priority groups. 


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