Willie F. Henry, MBA

Responsible for Vision, daily  operations, business development, quality tools and performance, marketing and community engagement

Expertise in leadership development, business process improvement, strategic planning, Baldridge quality improvement methods, workforce development, strategic partnerships and marketing

Raymond Bullock, MS

Responsible for Client services, information technology solutions, software and hardware solutions, desktop, mobile and customer contact/service

Expertise in leadership development, software and hardware, computer platform, installation and training, quality and operational excellence, program design and implementation

Theresa Henry, BS

Responsible for Quality Improvement and records management, youth development, community engagement support and health promotion and prevention

Expertise in community health and child health, leadership development, program design and implementation

Troy Hazzard, BA

Serves as the consultant and practice advisor for diversity and the advancement  of  diversity & inclusion with clients and the community, especially as they pertain to programs, 

policies, and processes. 

Expertise in healthcare operations and prevention, professional development, grant writing, contract management, quality improvement & innovation and strategic planning

Advisors bring special expertise and experience

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business(SDVOSB)