Organizational Performance Improvement 

Includes Change Management, Strategic Planning and Alignment, Business Process and Organizational Assessment and Transformation

Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement tools and approaches

Marketing and Communications

Includes the development and implementation of your marketing and
communications plans to grow your customer base and motivates them to buy and use your products and services.

Social media tools and approaches 

Use of social media approaches and tools to collect data and increase awareness, motivation, and behavior change among customers to achieve your organization’s strategic goals.



Content Management & Paperless Workflow Solutions, IT Services & Solutions: Cloud Management & Computing, Digital Technology Services, Website Design & Development, Procurement Services and Website Hosting. Organizational Development, Planning and Operations that includes Business Development, Business Management, Leadership, Financial Services,  Partnership Development, Program and Project Management and Program design and implementation.

Leadership development programs that develop effective leaders at all levels of the organization; one-to-one coaching and support for executives.

Performance measurement systems  that measure the best indicators to track performance and your progress toward reaching the strategic goals of your organization, including the use of balanced scorecard methodology.



Training – Develop and implement training programs for knowledge workers in the new economy, including use of social media for data collection and increasing customer awareness and action

Technical Assistance – Hands-on practical assistance, including applying tools for self-assessment, strategy development, performance measurement, quality improvement and  cutting edge ideas.

Coaching – One-to-one support for executives in leadership development; strategic thinking and problem-solving;
data-driven decision-making on strategy, people, and organizational change and restructuring 

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